Communication and Language

child smiling talking communication and language early years foundation stage eyfs
Communication and Language is one of the prime areas within the EYFS.
Children’s development of their spoken language is really important for all seven areas of learning and development. Back and forth interactions from an early age form the foundations for language development. Communication and language covers both listening, attention and understanding and speaking. 
Listening, attention and understanding is about children being able to listen to what they hear and respond with relevant comments or questions and being able to hold conversations.
Speaking covers being able to participate in conversations, offering their own ideas and using new vocabulary. It is also about children being able to explain why things might happen and to express their ideas and feelings about experiences using full sentences including using past, present and future tenses. 

How do I help my child's communication and language development?

,other mum talking to daughter girl in a field. communication within the early years foundation stage
The easiest way to help children develop in this area is to talk to and with them!  By having frequent conversations with your child, you are teaching them and helping them practice communication skills. Comment on their interests and what they choose to do. Talk to them about the activities they do and the games they play. Encourage them to express their ideas and ask them what they are doing and why they are making the choices they do. You can echo what they say and add new words into your response to help teach them new words.  
Play with your child! Role play is a favorite type of play for this age group and a great way of modelling and learning language.
A brilliant way to help communication and language development is to read to your child! Reading often with children and engaging them in stories, non fiction, rhymes and poems will expose them to many new words and contexts. Talking to them and asking questions about what you are reading will increase their comprehension skills. 
With frequent conversation, story telling and role play and opportunities to talk and express their ideas, children’s communication and language will develop until they are comfortable using a good range of words and language structures.

Which Early Years Fun subscription boxes packs promote Communication and Language?

man dad reading to child son
Read it packs
 Sing it packs
All other packs will also help children develop in this area as you communicate with them about what they are doing, the choices they make and the themes they are learning about.