Coronavirus information

Coronavirus COVID-19 important information for customers -Update 4, 11th July 2020

Thank you so much to all my customers sticking with me and being understanding about postage during this time.

I am still shielding and haven’t left my house since March.

All orders of products for my boxes are either sanitised on entry to my house or, if this is not possible, left to stand before packing to ensure safety. 

I am still unable to use Royal Mail and am therefore continuing to ship using Hermes who can pick up boxes from me to be delivered. This means some boxes may be delayed en route so I am sending out boxes as soon as I receive payment rather than on my usual shipping dates. Hermes pick up from me Monday to Saturday. Orders placed before 7pm Mon to Friday will be in the next days shipping. Orders placed between 7pm Friday and 7pm Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

Thank you all for your continued patience and custom and I hope my boxes are putting smiles on your children’s faces at this time!

Coronavirus COVID-19 important information for customers -Update 3, 31st March 2020

I am still able to take orders for boxes at this time.

 As I mentioned in my last update, I am still isolated at home. Me and my family are symptom free and none of us have left the house for over 2 weeks now. 

I am sending boxes using Hermes who collect from my house. I am able to arrange collections six days a week so any orders made before 6.30pm Sunday to Friday will be collected from me the following day. Orders made from 6.30pm Friday to 6.30pm Sunday will be collected on Monday. Understandably delivery is a little slower than with Royal mail but I am getting boxes out as quickly as I can. 

For subscribers, you will be pleased to know that my deliveries arrived and April’s box will be shipped out the day after your payment is taken to try to offset the delayed delivery time. I will have more information about May’s box soon.

Coronavirus COVID-19 important information for customers -Update 2, 19th March 2020

I am aware that at a time when kids are off school and people are stuck indoors, my boxes will provide my customers with much needed entertainment. I therefore intend to try my best to keep sending out boxes whilst it is still possible.

I myself am currently isolated at home for the next 12 weeks at least, due to chronic illnesses in my family. On the plus side, this makes it unlikely I will contract the virus. On the down side, I am no longer able to make trips to the post office. I will therefore be using different delivery services for now and in order to keep postage costs down and therefore not increase box prices, I will be sending one off box orders out once a week rather than as they come in. This means there may be a short delay between ordering and receiving your box. I apologise for this but I thought it would be better than increasing my prices.

For subscribers, I am trying my utmost to get April’s box out to you as normal. The situation at the moment is that one of my deliveries (containing the bulk of 7 activities) has not yet arrived. There seems to be a problem with my supplier getting deliveries out. I will keep chasing this and hopefully you will receive the animal fun box as planned. However, in the event that I simply can’t finish this box in time, I will compare the database with my stock and ship past boxes to subscribers that they have not yet had. I will keep you posted if this is to happen and contact everyone individually to check it is ok. I will be sticking to shipping dates of 5th and 15th for subscriptions depending on payment date.

I appreciate that at this time, some people will be experiencing financial difficulties. Any of my current subscribers have the option to pause or cancel their subscription at any time. Please contact me by messaging the page or emailing and I will be happy to help.

I would like to offer a discount to NHS and emergency services frontline staff who are putting their lives at risk to help the rest of us right now. If anyone in this situation is interested in reduced price boxes please inbox the page. 

As you may be aware, I am a sole trader and at the moment there is no certainty from the government of what will happen to self employed people if they are unable to work. I am therefore extremely grateful to those of you who have ordered one off boxes recently and ask that maybe you could spread the word about my boxes to others that may find them useful at this time. The more stock I can sell now, the more likely I can keep Early Years Fun boxes going after this is over. 

I will strive to keep Early Years Fun Subscription boxes going for as long as possible throughout this crisis, but will contact people individually if I am forced to stop for a period of time. Please keep an eye on email spam folders for any emails regarding your order and subscription and feel free to email if you have any concerns.

In the meantime, I invite everyone to my FREE online kids club group with videos and activities to do at home. 

Please stay safe and keep smiling!


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for customers:

As there are more and more cases in the UK every day, I want to explain a couple of things about Early Years Fun boxes and the measures I am taking to minimise risk.

I always source my products from UK companies and wholesalers. These are delivered by post. I am opening parcels, on arrival, with gloves, and emptying them without touching the contents, before disposing of the packaging and gloves and washing my hands. 

Everyone that enters my home washes their hands straight away. My work is in a seperate part of the house to where we live and I am the only person that uses this part of the house. I am disinfecting surfaces, floors and door handles regularly and washing hands before touching anything and before entering.

Any boxes made from now until I am sure that we are out of the crisis will not contain the “Cook it” pack or edible products. (Don’t worry, there are 11 other great packs to choose from!)

I use Royal Mail’s click and drop service to pay for and print my own postage labels. I then drive boxes to my local post office where they are happy for me to walk in, pass them through the hatch and leave. I do this at a time when the post office isn’t busy and rarely see anyone in there. All boxes are sent inside sealed plastic postage bags.

I am a sole trader. I work from home by myself. I get my shopping delivered and rarely have to need to go out. I am currently well, however if myself or any members of my family have any symptoms and need to self isolate, my work side of the house will be locked shut and I will refrain from working until we are given the all clear. I am therefore working hard now to finish April’s boxes and start on May’s so a 2 week period off work won’t disrupt production. 

If I or my family become infected with the coronavirus, I will not be able to work. In this instance there may be delays for subscribers and one off box orders would be suspended. I will do everything I can for this not to happen, but will make safety a priority.

If this was the case I would talk to subscribers individually about their options. Please keep an eye on the facebook page and check your spam for emails from

I hope all my customers are currently well and hope that they stay that way. Remember if you need to self isolate and are stuck in with the kids, I have lots of different themed boxes available, packed full of instant entertainment. Feel free to message the page at any time and I can get orders out as soon as they come in.  

Star Harford

Early Years Fun Subscription boxes