Expressive Arts and Design

box dressed up lets pretend role play EYFS subscription box

Expressive arts and design covers the development of children’s artistic and cultural awareness and also their creativity and imagination. The variety of things that children take part in and see or hear will help develop their understanding, self – expression, vocabulary and ability to communicate through the arts.

How can I help my child's expressive arts and design development?

It is important to let your child explore and play with a wide range of materials and media.  Don’t be afraid of mess (or messy children!) Activities which will help in this area are painting, drawing, water play, sand play, play dough, playing with natural materials and many more. Alongside this, listening and dancing to different types of music, singing, making up stories, opportunities for role play, performance  and dressing up are all great activities.
You can also help them by asking them to share with you what they have made and talk about how they did it.

Which packs from Early Years Fun subscription boxes promote expressive arts and design?

mother and child dancing, having fun, EYFS physical development, movement, gross motor skills
Imagine-it packs
Make-it packs
Sing-it packs
Do-it packs