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Child and their mum having fun together with a craft they have made

Between the ages of 3 and 6, Mathematics includes number recognition and skills and also spatial reasoning skills – shape, space and measures. It is about looking for relationships between things and spotting patterns and connections. 

How can I help my child's Mathematical development?

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You can help your child learn to count using counting songs, number games and counting every day objects. You can encourage children in their understanding of the numbers one to ten and patterns and relationships between those numbers in the same way. Try introducing concepts into your play such as “one less” or “one more”.
To develop spatial reasoning skills, shape space and measures you can provide activities such as jigsaws, craft, water play with pots, cooking together and lots more. 
 Give your child lots of positive encouragement because at this age having a go is more important than getting it right. To develop an interest in Maths that will help them later, children should be positively encouraged to have a go, to question things and to look for relationships, connections and patterns without being scared of making mistakes.

Which packs from Early Years Fun subscription boxes promote Mathematical development?

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Play-it packs
Experiment-it packs
Cook-it packs
Sing-it packs
Make-it packs