Personal, Social and Emotional development

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Personal, social and emotional development is one of the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is very important for children to lead happy and healthy lives. Underpinning personal development are the important attachments that shape their social world. It covers self regulation, managing self and building relationships.
Self regulation is children’s ability to show an understanding of their own and others feelings and to regulate their behavior. It covers children’s ability to be able to work towards their goals, wait for what they want and control their impulses. It is also how they are able to focus on what is said, respond appropriately and follow instructions. 
Managing self covers being confident to try new activities and show perseverance and independence. It also involves  knowing right from wrong and managing personal needs and hygiene such as dressing, toileting and healthy food choices.
Building relationships covers working and playing together and taking turns, forming positive relationships with adults and peers and showing sensitivity to their own and others needs.

How can I help my child's Personal, Social and Emotional development?

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By having a strong, supportive and warm relationship with your child, you are helping them to learn how to understand their own and other people’s feelings. As their carer you will be helping them to manage and talk about their emotions, develop a positive view of themselves and have confidence in their abilities.
You can set them achievable goals, give lots of encouragement and direct their attention to help with this. 
You can also model yourself and guide your child to look after their bodies. This includes healthy eating and managing personal tasks on their own.
Alongside this promoting good relationships with their peers and teaching them to have good friendships and peacefully resolve conflicts is important. 

Which packs from Early Years Fun subscription boxes promote Personal, Social and Emotional development?

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Play-it packs
Move-it packs
Cook-it packs

All other packs can also help in this area. By encouraging your child to try activities and giving their efforts lots of encouragement, you will be increasing their personal, social and emotional development.