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Subscribers are guaranteed to receive new boxes as they are made. Receive a new themed box of educational fun every month! Enjoy spending quality time having fun with your child with the security of knowing you are helping their development and education. Each box will be delivered to your door with at least 10 activity packs ready for you and your little one to start having fun. You can cancel a subscription at any time (not that you will want to!)

Usual shipping dates are the 5th and 15th of the month. If you order between the 15th and 4th, your shipping date will be the 5th. If you order between the 5th and the 14th, your shipping date will be the 15th.


I have two kids and love to show them the world. We dont let autism limit us in our adventures! I write about our adventures and include tips on how suitable activities were for children with autism. I also write more autism specific posts.