In the Garden themed box


All the fun of the garden in one box!

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Use your crayons to make bark rubbbings of your bark leaves. Thread your wool round your wooden flower Make and decorate a bird wand. Create a beautiful clay garden. Design a garden picture using paints and flowers. Colour a bug mask and pretend to be a bug in the garde. Chase your bouncing bees around the house. Read a story together and make a flower bookmark to go with your new book. Decorate and make your own butterfly feeder. Then sit down to play garden animal bingo together.

Not suitable for under 3’s. Colours/individual items may vary slightly from the pictures.


I have two kids and love to show them the world. We dont let autism limit us in our adventures! I write about our adventures and include tips on how suitable activities were for children with autism. I also write more autism specific posts.