Sense-it packs


Sense-it packs from Early Years Fun Subscription boxes for 3 to 6 year olds are sensory based activities. They will always be different and go with the theme of the box but will include sensory or messy play opportunities.

Some examples of Sense-it packs

The Sense-it pack from the Rainbow themed Early Years Fun box contains some colour changing bath crackle and some bath crayons for some sensory water fun. There are so many ways this pack stimulates the senses from the feel of the water to the sounds and colours of the activity. Your child will be experimenting with media through sensory exploration, practicing their fine motor skills and learning new vocabulary as they talk about how it feels.

The Sense-it pack from the Knights, Dragons and Castles themed Early Years Fun box is a messy play activity exploring slimy “Dragon droppings”. Through doing this sensory activity your child’s creative development will be enhanced by exploring the texture and properties of the slime. The activity can also improve language and communication as your child describes and discusses what they are doing and what it feels like.

The Sense-it pack from the Spring themed Early Years Fun box includes some coloured dough and small wooden shapes. Children can play with the dough, make prints with the shapes or create their own Spring garden. This activity will help their physical development as they are using their fine motor skills to manipulate the dough. This is a great sensory experience as they discover new textures and how the dough responds to touch.

What areas of the EYFS are Sense-it packs helping?

child and dad playing with playdough. sensory play. sense it. EYFS. children's subscription box

Physical development – malleable activities such as play dough or sand help children develop the muscles in their hands and increase their fine motor skills.

Expressive Art and Design – As children explore new textures and experiences they are developing in this area. The variety of things that children take part in and see or hear will help develop their understanding, self – expression, vocabulary and ability to communicate through the arts.

Understanding the World – Often Sense it packs will help children make connections such as experiencing changes in matter, for example ice melting, which will develop their understanding of the world.

How to make the most of the Sense-it pack in your Early Years Fun box

Don’t be afraid to let your child explore! Sense it packs can be messy so try doing them outside, in the bath or with a cover on the floor or table. Put your child in clothes you don’t mind getting messy. This way you will be less likely to be worrying about your child getting wet or messy and more willing to let them explore. Join in exploring with your child and talk to them about what they are doing, what it feels like and if they like it.