The face behind the box

My name is Anna Harford. I have worked within childcare my whole life, first as a Youth and Children’s worker (running youth groups, kids clubs etc), then as a Schools worker (running lunch time activities, teaching PSHE lessons etc). Following this I worked as a Creche leader and Nursery worker during term time and a Play worker during school holidays. Then, when I had my daughter, I registered with OFSTED as a childminder. A year and a half later, I had my son and over the next 15 years, as I brought my children up, I cared for many others alongside them. I was graded ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED for 11 years and I absolutely loved my job and each child as if they were my own.

I recently ended up making the very difficult decision to stop childminding because we needed to move house and my family needs are different to when my children were small. I am a single mum of two. My children are both now teenagers and my son is autistic. I am his carer and I need to be at home for him. He requires 24/7 supervision and has numerous appointments that I need to take him to, which means the average job isn’t going to work for me. So the idea of Early Years Fun Subscription boxes started. I have a vast knowledge of what young children enjoy doing and have spent many years planning fun activities for children that help their development within the EYFS, so why not carry on. I know parents love and want to spend quality time with their children and Early Years Fun boxes make that easy for them. I am so pleased that feedback from my customers since I started this venture has been positive and that people come back time and again for more boxes.

So behind the boxes is little me. I am self employed and do everything from the making of my website, planning of activities, research into the EYFS and sourcing of products, to the making of activity packs, designing the instruction sheets and leaflets, packing the boxes and taking them to the post office. I am the person you will talk to when you message the social media pages, email or ring. I am the one you will see at my local school Christmas fairs and parent toddler groups and I am the one who is up all night making sure everyone’s boxes are finished on time. Believe me when I say that a lot of time, thought and love goes into each box I make, to ensure you and your children will love spending time together exploring the activities inside.

In my spare time I look after my son, taxi my daughter around, do everyday mum things, keep the house as clean as I can, make sure my kids are fed and play paintball to let off steam.

Thank you to all of you that choose to support Early Years Fun Subscription boxes over the larger companies. You are literally putting meals on my kids plates and enabling me to be able to provide the best life I can for them, whilst also being available to care for them and take my son to all his appointments. We are all very grateful for your custom.