Understanding the World

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Understanding the world is about helping children to make sense of their community and physical world. It is learning about and making sense of our culturally, socially, technologically and ecologically diverse world. It covers the past and present; people, cultures and communities and the natural world.

How can I help my child's Understanding of the world?

father and daughter exploring the outdoor world and learning
The more children experience, the more they will learn about the world around them. Taking them on visits to parks, museums, libraries, even shops will help with this. Meeting and learning about important people such as police officers, doctors and nurses and firefighters will also increase their understanding. 
Talk about how things used to be and how they are now and looking at historical characters in children’s books can help give an understanding of past and present. 
You can also read non fiction books or maps with your child, look at different religious and cultural communities and learn about life in other countries. 
To help children learn about the natural world you could take them to explore outside, look at animals and plants and even draw them. Plant some seeds and watch what happens over time. Learn about the weather or different seasons and how things change such as leaves falling off the trees. 
You can also do activities with your child such as cooking, sensory or science based activities to let them experience changes in matter, for example ice melting.

Which packs from Early Years Fun subscription boxes promote Understanding the World?

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Explore-it packs
Experiment-it packs
Imagine-it packs
Read-it packs

The overall theme of the boxes will also help develop children’s understanding of the world. Box themes are especially chosen for both interest and Early Years development. Talking about the over all theme with your child as you do all activity packs from your box will help in this area.