What should my child be learning?

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Between the ages of 3 and 6, children are learning and developing a lot! In the UK, the curriculum for this age group is called the Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS for short. There are seven key areas of learning and development within the EYFS. These are used by the majority of early years settings in the UK. If your child was to attend a childminder, nursery or school they would more than likely be working their way through the EYFS.

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But learning doesn’t stop with childcare or school for this age group and everything they do at home is just as important to their development and education. The best settings have realised this and will work in close partnership with parents and carers. 
The EYFS is not designed to be a rigid sit down and learn curriculum, instead it is recognised that children of this age learn best through playing, following their interests and enjoying their activities. 
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Early Years Fun Subscription boxes are carefully designed to cover and teach the seven areas of learning and development within the EYFS, at the same time as being so much fun that they will maintain children’s interest and children will love the activities and subjects they are learning about. They are designed with parents and carers in mind, recognising that children’s main carers are the ones that know them best. You are the one that knows what your child enjoys, loves, hates, what interests them and what winds them up. You know when your child is ready to have fun and when they need to chill out! You are able to pick activity packs from the box and let your child do them in their own way and to their own ability. There is no right or wrong way of doing the activities. Your child’s end result does not have to look the same as the example pictures! As long as children are being positively encouraged to explore, have fun and take pride in what they achieve then they will be learning and developing as they go along.
mother and child making craft EYFS expressive arts and design early years fun subscription box for children
The seven areas of learning and development within the EYFS (please click on the links to find out more):

The prime areas are Communication and language, Physical development and Personal, Social and Emotional development. For younger children it is important to ensure a strong foundation in these three areas. All seven areas of learning are interconnected and you will find that Early Years Fun Subscription boxes include packs that will help with more than one area of learning. They have been designed this way so that children get an all round education and also because children’s interests change. One child might spend more time having fun with a sense it pack, whilst another child might take a long time concentrating on a design it pack. Both children will be developing the same areas but in their own way! There are 12 different types of packs that are designed to give an all round coverage of the curriculum whilst maintaining children’s interest.

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The most important tool for your child’s learning and development is you! When you spend quality time doing the activity packs with your child, talking to them about what they are doing and having fun together, you are increasing their experience, development and learning. Early Years Fun Subscription boxes make this easy for you! Every pack contains all you need, other than things you will already have round the house, and the activities have been planned to give the best developmental and educational experience possible. All you need to do is grab a pack, enjoy your time together and know that you are helping your child’s education and development as you have fun!