What’s in the box?

Each box contains 10 fun activity packs

two children painting. subscription box. art. EYFS expressive arts and design
Design -it: Art based activities
child and dad playing with playdough. sensory play. sense it. EYFS. children's subscription box
Sense-it: Sensory activities
child doing early years science experiment. understanding the world, EYFS, childrens subscription box
Experiment-it: Science activities
mother and child making craft EYFS expressive arts and design early years fun subscription box for children
Make-it: Craft based activities
mother and child dancing, having fun, EYFS physical development, movement, gross motor skills
Move-it: Gross motor skill activities
child in wheelchair doing a jigsaw with his mum at the table. EYFS physical and mathematical deevelopment minor fine motor skills childrens subscription box
Do-it: Fine motor skill activities
box dressed up lets pretend role play EYFS subscription box
Imagine-it: Imaginative activities
mum and daughter playing math game EYFS mathematics
Play-it: Games to play together
child looking at a flower through a magnifying glass
Explore-it: Learn about the world
family - mum, dad and child reading a book together literacy
Read-it: Reading together
mother and daughter having a cuddle happy
Sing-it: Singing activities
child smiling baking rolling using a rolling pin cooking EYFS
Cook-it: Baking and cooking

What will my child be learning?

Each activity will help your child to learn and develop within the areas of the Early Years curriculum for the UK – the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):


Some past boxes: